The meaning behind a white dove release is symbolic of many of life’s milestone moments, from Dove Release birthdays to Sporting Events, from Anniversaries to Graduations. The process of a dove release is quite simple. White birds are released into the sky during a selected time at your special event.

Each dove release can be customized to reflect your personal interests. From a touching single dove ceremony to the overwhelming effect of 20 birds in flight at once, it’s all up to you.

In addition, our doves can be placed into decorative cages and be on display until the moment of release. Special poems and music can accompany the release. While we will always be present to help administer the event, those involved may choose to hold and release the doves themselves at the specified time. We’ll show you how.

On the day of the event the birds will be released at your desired time in any safe location. It is truly a beautiful site when white birds fly up into the air at once at the appropriate time. The release will turn your special event into a memorable event, never to be forgotten.

Dove releases are amazing, we can do the following



Sports Events



Religious Events