1. Will the birds get home?

I find people are really caring and this is important to them. To answer, Yes they do get home every time. They have an I.D ring on their leg which means they are easy to identify upon return.I use a certain breed of bird and work hard to make sure they are fit enough and well trained to fly home after each release. Many people think they can buy a pair from the local petshop to release however this is incorrect and can be cruel and the white colour makes them vulnerable to predators such as hawks. Also they are not used to living in the wild so will starve. My doves come home to a safe clean envioronment and will have dinner waiting for them each time so tend to fly home quickly.

2. How do you train them?

First of all, you have to wait till the right age usually this is about 4 5 months old ( they grow very fast)Then I let them fly around my house so they can get familaiar with their home envioronment. After that I release them at the local park which is about 300 meters from my home. Finally I take them further and further away in every direction north, south, east and west!

3. Do you ever lose them?

To date, I have lost none. I do everything within my power to ensure this. My birds are registered when they are born, and I put a metal I.D ring on their leg with a new number. If they do happen to get lost, they are easily traced back to me through the Pigeon Club. I always make sure someone is at home when I take them out. They are trained to go into small traps (holes) so cats can’t get to them. Inside they have a clean loft, with food and water.

4. Do they fly at night, or in the rain or fog?

No. Unfortunately they are unable to see in the dark or fog. Rain makes their wings to heavy to fly. They also can’t fly if the winds are too strong.

5. How do they know how to get home?

There are a lot of theories about how they home. Nobody really seems to know. When they are released, they circle to get their bearings and they have extremely good eyesight. Maybe it is a natural GPS.

6. Do they poo on you?

To do their business, the birds have to be standing on their two feet. Therefore, they will not mess when in flight. Also, if you would like to hold them, I will teach you to do this in a way which ensures it to be mess free this is a lovely idea for photos, and I strongly encourage this. You hold their feet back so it is impossible for them to mess. Some couples enjoy letting them go from their baskets.

7. Are they noisy?

When I first put them in their basket they are, but they quickly settle and then are quiet throughout any ceremony.

8. How much do they cost?

Please contact Brenda or Shinal for more info. prices start from $100 but it depends on the number of doves you would like to release and where they are being released from.

9. How much notice do I need?

Two weeks is usually enough however as we book up fast over summer the sooner the better.

10. How do I pay?

Most people pay over the net now, so there is no need for cash to change hands on the big day. I do accept cheques and cash, but I am not set up for Visa or Eftpos. If change of weather forces cancellation, a full refund is given.

11. What is the furthest they have flown?

Some of my birds have flown from Christchurch to Auckland, and this took nine hour. However the furthest we release them for an event would be hamilton as we are based in west auckland.

12. Do you fly out of Auckland?

Yes. My birds fly from Cambridge to Whangarei.

13. Will the crowd frighten them?

I live directly behind a school, and I make sure to let them out, so they are used to crowds.

14. Have you got anything we can put in our vows before the doves are released?

We have about seven different poems, to choose from, to give to the Celebrant if you wish.

15. Do they bite?

No they don’t have teeth, and they do not peck. These birds are used to being handled.